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We are committed to achieve customer delight by continual improvement in the quality of our services.


The De Car Spa is a professional car detailing centre, dedicated to Automobile Beautification and Preservation.


We are provide a customized low cost car spa services. Like Wax Polishing, Teflon Coating, Engine Coating etc...

Welcome to Our Car Spa Services

At The Car Spa, we take the utmost care to keep your car looking impeccable always. We are the only car grooming center in the world to have such an array of services under one roof and we implement only the latest in globally renowned car grooming techniques. Many of our services are distinctive features of The De Car Spa and have been introduced in India for the first time...

  • Our Mission

The mission of De Car Spa is to provide a top-quality and environmentally friendly car washing and detail service for car owners in your nearest convenient location. De Car Spa will work to keep employees satisfied in order to maintain impeccable customer service.

To became a leading Car Detailing Centers Operator and Franchiser of Specialty CAR SPA concept through a large chain of centers operating in India.


At AUDO CAR SPA we welcome all commercial accounts. Whether you have a fleet of cars or just one car that needs consistant detailing - we can arrange time slots around your schedule. Please contact us for details about commercial car detailing services. GET EXCITING DISCOUNTS ON MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES.


We use only the finest detailing materials available to clean and protect your vehicle. Our shampoos, polish, waxes, and conditioners are high-end products, available only to detailers. They were designed to give you the best protection possible for your car, for the longest period of time.